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Hangzhou Rainbow Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful ancient city - Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The transportation is very convenient, with only half an hour's drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. We focus on the development and production of various types of wet wipes, such as Baby Wipes, Makeup Remover Wipes, Household Cleaning Wipes, Pet Wipes, Anti-bacterial Wipes, Car Wipes, etc. As China Antibacterial Wipes Manufacturers, antibacterial wet wipes for skin Wholesale Factory, we have ISO9001, CE, GMPC, FDA, SGS certifications. Both OEM and ODM services are available .
A dust-free workshop of more than 6000 square meters enables us to produce pharmaceutical products with the use of purified aseptic water and fully enclosed automatic stainless-steel pipe transfusion shunt. All additives are made from high quality non-toxic and harmless plant extracts.
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business principles of talent-oriented and honest business, gathered industry elites, combined foreign advanced information technology, management methods and corporate experience with the specific reality of domestic companies, and provided companies with all-round solutions. The program helps enterprises to improve their management level and production capacity, so that enterprises can always maintain their competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and realize the rapid and stable development of enterprises.
We offer Wholesale Antibacterial Sanitizing Disinfectant Wipes, Our factory owns 6 automatic production lines and 100000 grade dust free workshop that qualify us to produce 600×40HQ per year and ensure good product quality. The main raw material of wet wipes is high-quality non-woven fabric without harmful elements such as fluorescent agent, deteriorated cotton or heavy metals. Our factory has a particular laboratory which is used to test each batch of manufactures. We have established long-term cooperative relations with some famous international brands such as Bunnings, Nuby, and Daiso, etc. With high -quality commodities and competitive prices, our goods are exported to Southeast Asia, America, Europe and Africa and have won unanimous favor and trust of customers worldwide. We look forward to cooperating with you sincerely. We believe that with your participation, together we can create a more brilliant future.
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Composition of Antibacterial Hand Wipes
Antibacterial hand wipes are designed to kill germs and bacteria on the skin. The active ingredient in most antibacterial hand wipes is alcohol, which is an effective disinfectant. Other ingredients in antibacterial hand wipes may include water, glycerin, and fragrances. Some hand wipes may also contain aloe vera or other moisturizers to help prevent the skin from drying out. It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging of the hand wipes to ensure that they are used effectively

How to use Antibacterial Hand Wipes correctly

Antibacterial hand wipes are a convenient way to clean and disinfect your hands when you don't have access to soap and water. Here's how to use Hand Sanitizing Wipes correctly:Take a wipe out of the packaging.Wipe your hands with the wipe, making sure to get all areas of your hands, including between your fingers and under your nails.Rub your hands together until the wipe dries.Discard the used wipe in a trash bin.Keep in mind that antibacterial hand wipes are not a substitute for hand washing with soap and water. They are only meant to be used when soap and water are not available. When you do have access to soap and water, you should use that instead, as it is more effective at removing dirt and germs from your hands.

Advantages of Antibacterial Hand Wipes

There are several advantages to using antibacterial hand wipes:Convenience: Hand wipes are portable and easy to use, making them a convenient option for cleaning your hands when soap and water are not available.Quick: Antibacterial hand wipes can kill bacteria and germs quickly and effectively, helping to reduce the spread of illness.Efficient: Using a hand wipe can be more efficient than washing your hands with soap and water, especially if your hands are not visibly dirty.Effective: Many hand wipes contain ingredients that can effectively kill a wide range of bacteria and germs, helping to reduce the risk of infection.Gentle: Some hand wipes are formulated with gentle ingredients that are less likely to cause irritation or dryness to the skin.Versatile: Antibacterial hand wipes can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including countertops, tables, and doorknobs, in addition to your hands.Hygienic: Hand wipes can help to reduce the spread of germs in public places, such as schools, hospitals, and airports.

Disinfectant wipes are pre-moistened wipes that are designed to kill or deactivate germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on surfaces. They are a convenient and quick way to disinfect commonly touched objects and surfaces, helping to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

Key features and uses of disinfectant wipes

    Disinfection: Disinfectant wipes are effective in killing a wide range of germs and pathogens, including bacteria and viruses like influenza, cold viruses, and some strains of coronaviruses.
    Convenience: These wipes come pre-moistened with a specific amount of disinfectant, making them ready for use without the need for additional cleaning solutions.
    Portability: Disinfectant wipes are often individually wrapped or packed in small containers, making them easily portable and suitable for use on-the-go or while traveling.
    Surface compatibility: They are designed to be used on various non-porous surfaces, such as kitchen counters, doorknobs, light switches, electronics, and more.
    Household use: Disinfectant wipes are commonly used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in households, offices, schools, gyms, and other public places.
When using disinfectant wipes, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, including the recommended contact time (the time the surface needs to remain wet with the disinfectant to be effective). Proper usage ensures that the wipes are effective in killing germs and reducing the risk of infection.
Furthermore, some disinfectant wipes may contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to pets or children. Always keep them out of reach and read the product labels to ensure they are safe for the intended use. Additionally, never flush disinfectant wipes down the toilet, as they can clog plumbing systems and harm the environment. Instead, dispose of them properly in the trash.

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